Our mission is to help kids that struggle socially grow into adulthood successfully.


Our psychotherapy approach is child-centered… meaning that the sessions are child-friendly, strength-based, and fun!  We use a variety of techniques and methods, such as interventions from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to assist in the emotional and behavioral difficulties your child may be experiencing. Our belief is that child psychotherapy relies on a positive, warm, and safe relationship with a therapist who recognizes their strengths as a tool for producing change in a child’s life.

This helps your child in a variety of ways. They receive emotional support, understand their feelings and problems, learn how to resolve conflicts with others and try out new solutions to old problems.

We use goals as our method of measuring success within therapy. Some may be specific (improved relations with specific people, change in a behavior or reaction), or more general (less anxiety, improved temper). Each child we see experiences a customized psychotherapy treatment plan so the length depends on the complexity and severity of each case.

Not looking for child psychotherapy?  We work with people of all ages!  Child-ology aims to provide a safe place for all individuals to share their story and work collaboratively to develop a treatment plan that addresses your strengths and goals.

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