Our mission is to help kids that struggle socially grow into adulthood successfully.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is a valuable resource to help your family understand the strengths and challenges your child may have within their cognitive, behavioral, and emotional functioning. The process allows for diagnostic clarity as well as individualized recommendations.

This assessment will not only help you and your child but it will also provide teachers, coaches, and other doctors the information necessary to provide intervention and accommodations to allow your child to reach their potential. The collaboration of all those who interact with your child helps provide us with a complete overview from multiple perspectives.

Since every child is different, the psychological assessment may include several categories including cognitive, academic, neurodevelopmental, and social-emotional. Your child may be challenged during this but will probably have fun with some of the tasks as well.

A professional referral is NOT necessary for testing.

For additional information about scheduling your child’s assessment and how to prepare and share this information with them, please contact us.

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